"Come down now" they’ll say

I have a dream.  It’s a big one, that i’ve made a life plan.

I will win the Irish Dance Worlds. 

Will this happen?  Yes.  Will it be hard?  More than hard.  Are you willing to do it?  More than willing. 

This dream does not take over my life, but it’s what keeps me alive.  It’s what keeps me laughing, and crying, and doing good in school, keeping my friends, making me the person I am.  

I wake up thinking about it, I fall asleep thinking about it.  I do my steps in my head.  I listen to the music.  I take deep breathes at dance so I can keep that moment forever.  When my body aches from class, all I can think of is how it’s making me stronger.

from the desk of V.L.