Siobhan O’Sullivan

I had posted about this recently, but it has now been a week since my dance teacher’s daughter Shiv got into a sip lining accident causing her to be paralyzed (hopefully temporarily).  She still doesn’t have any movement in her legs and she is currently trying to get her TCRG! PLEASE help her, she’s so sweet and I know she must be so scared.  Lots of prayers are needed, and they really need some help with money for her treatment.  Please go to the link here and if you can just donate a few dollars and watch the video they made! During the dance scene she’s the really tall one :) Please please please, prayers are NEEDED.

FELLOW IRISH DANCERS: am i doing this move correctly? I just now taught it to myself.

Blast from the past! Learning the beginning of my hornpipe this past summer. I actually learned to like that step after there were more changes haha

Irish dancers!!!

To those of you going to nationals in chicago, congratulationsa and good luck!! :D also, keep an eye out for my boyfriend, Christopher P. from Tir Na Greine school of Irish dance. I think he’s in the U17 age group. He got 2nd at Oireachtas :)

And for those of you who. Are not going this year, like myself, just remember that there’s always next year!!! ;). Keep practicing

AH!!!! South Florida Feis!

Just competed yesterday at the first feis of the year, and my school’s feis!! 
Here are my placements! :)

U16 Prizewinner Slip Jig - 1st

U16 Prizewinner Reel - 1st

U16 Prizewinner Single Jig - 1st

U16 Prizewinner Light Jig - 1st

U16 Novice Hornpipe - 1st

U16 Novice Treble Jig - 2nd  

And I got to see my boy Christopher dance in his Open Champ., he did good, no placements :( But he had to compete against the girls