This is my dance teacher’s daughter Siobhan O’Sullivan. I’m sure many of you heard about her accident that caused her to become paralyzed a few months ago.  She was studying to take her TCRG was heartbreaking.  But the level of support and prayers that have been going around is absolutely AMAZING and I can speak for the entire Tir Na Greine school that we are all so blessed and amazed at everyone’s outreaching hands.  
This is a little video clip that Project Walk Orlando posted about Siobhan’s long recovery :) Passing milestones!!! 
Please keep praying <3 

It’s poor quality, but basically my friend was recording her sister while we were learning birdies and this beauty happened lolol. Im in the pink and yellow tye dye, the one that falls lol

Siobhan O’Sullivan

I had posted about this recently, but it has now been a week since my dance teacher’s daughter Shiv got into a sip lining accident causing her to be paralyzed (hopefully temporarily).  She still doesn’t have any movement in her legs and she is currently trying to get her TCRG! PLEASE help her, she’s so sweet and I know she must be so scared.  Lots of prayers are needed, and they really need some help with money for her treatment.  Please go to the link here and if you can just donate a few dollars and watch the video they made! During the dance scene she’s the really tall one :) Please please please, prayers are NEEDED.


Today in dance we had one of our other teachers, ms Camille, teach class tonight because ms Laura is currently taking care of her daughter Siobhan (i’m sure you’ve all heard of her accident).
Tonight was also the first class back from summer and i am so pumped up about the Oireachtas. Just the energy that ms Camille brought to class and the pointers she had really opened my eyes tonight. I need to dance 100 percent EVERY CLASS. I WILL reach my goal this Oireachtas. Last year i placed 44th, which was four placements away from qualifying for nationals, and this year i want to bump it up and go for the top 20. Last year 15 competitors made it to world qualifying. So by setting my goal to top twenty i would be basically doubling my placement. I will get there. I have a lot of things to work on but i WILL be top 20. I know the things i need to do, stamina, and making my hardshoe all around better, and just owning the stage. This will be my second Oireachtas, and going into my fourth year dancing, but i will do this.